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***MUST READ PRIOR TO BOOKING*** Beauty & Medicine Medspa offers Botox & Dysport brands of neurotoxin and Restylane & Juvederm brands of filler. Botox/Dysport is $12/unit All Filler is $800/syringe (All injectable appointments include a detailed evaluation and consultation prior to injection) **If you decide not to get injected at the time of your appointment your $100-$150 deposit will be held as a consultation fee. Deposit fees will be charged to card on file at time of booking and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Re-scheduling must be done within "48 hours" of your scheduled appointment “time” or your deposit will be held. Any appointment that no shows and/or cancels within “less than” 48 hours will have the following fee automatically charged/or non-refunded to the credit card on file. NO refunds, exchanges or credit card charge backs will be accepted. By continuing you agree to the terms & conditions. Arriving late will deprive your valuable treatment time and the practitioner’s valuable time. Every effort to perform your treatment in the remaining scheduled time will be made, however if unable to do so we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if arriving more than "10 minutes late" and "charge the deposit" to the credit card on file. CONSULTATION: The consultation fee is $100 for 30-minute consultation. Consultations will include full face evaluation, recommendations, pricing for services recommended and the practitioner will answer your questions in the allotted time regarding injectables. ***Booking Consultations are for "CONSULT ONLY" (NO INJECTIONS). Consultation fee will NOT go towards future services. This is a fee for professional evaluation, recommendations and the practitioners time.*** BOTOX/DYSPORT: is $12/unit. You will be evaluated and consulted prior to injection. Each individual Botox/Dysport dose is unique and depends on individual anatomy of muscle strength, movement & wrinkles noted. No individual is alike. Average is 30-50 units for upper face (frown lines, forehead lines, and crows feet). However, more or less may be needed upon evaluation. If you decide not to get injected at the time of your appointment your $100 deposit will be held as a consultation fee. LIP FILLER: is $800.00/syringe. ALL lip filler starts with 1 syringe. However, some clients may have the option to add more. You can always add in the future for optimal results and fullness. Individual results vary. Slow & Steady is key! CHIN FILLER: is $800.00/syringe. Typically, chin filler requires 1-3 syringes. However, most clients can start with 1 syringe. You can add in the future for optimal results. Individual results vary. CHEEK FILLER: is $800.00/syringe. Typically, cheek filler requires 1-2 syringes. However, “most” clients require 2 syringes (one syringe/1ml each cheek). Individual results vary. UNDEREYE/MID-FACE FILLER: is $800.00/syringe. Typically, undereye/mid-face filler requires 1-3 syringes. Individual anatomy varies, the practitioner will evaluate you during the pre-injection consultation and recommend how many syringes are needed. JAWLINE FILLER: is $800.00/syringe. Typically, jawline filler requires a "minimum" of 2-6 syringes. All injectable appointments include an evaluation and consultation prior to injection. Individual recommended number of syringes vary per individual per anatomy. KYBELLA: is $650/vial. Average Kybella treatment is 2-4 vials. Individual recommended number of vials vary per individual anatomy. Most clients require multiple sessions, however individual results vary. DISSOLVING: Beauty & Medicine Medspa offers filler dissolving. Hylenex (dissolver) is $200/vial. Complete “lip dissolving” requires a minimum of 4 vials. Upper lip only 2 vials. Bottom lip only 2 vials. We offer dissolving of all filler areas as well. Evaluation & recommendations will be provided at time of appointment. **After dissolving you must wait 2 weeks before refilling the dissolved area.*** MULTIPLE SYRINGES: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR 3 OR MORE SYRINGES WITH OR WITHOUT BOTOX/DYSPORT PLEASE CHOSE “MULTIPLE SYRINGE” OPTION & LEAVE A DEATILED NOTE ***If you decide not to get injected/dissolved at the time of your appointment your $100-150 deposit will be held/charged as a consultation fee. *** ***Please enter detailed note of what services/areas you want injected when booking*** YOU CAN REACH US BY CALLING/TEXTING 407-818-5294 (please leave a detailed message we will respond as soon as possible) OR Direct Message via Instagram @beauty_n_medicine_medspa

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