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*****PLEASE READ ENTIRE THREAD BEFORE REQUESTING **We are back! DUE TO COVID-19 our system has changed so please read everything below. We are scheduling clients from March-June in that order. Please be patient with us. Members will be able to schedule now. We are only allowed at 50% currently so our hours are limited. When you receive an appointment confirmation please park around the back of the building and wait for a technician to come get you. The clinic door will be LOCKED so do NOT wait outside in the back entrance (way back to right) of the building parking lot for the safety of other tenants in the building. A technician will come out around your appointment time. You do not need to notify us you are there. DO NOT WAIT INSIDE BUILDING You must be wearing a mask the right way (nose and mouth) to enter the building after we wave you inside. Keep in mind this is a longer process between appointments for new protocols so please wait up to 15 minutes past appointment time for us to come get you. (If it is longer you will be notified via email before your appointment) Remember this is only a request system and we will send you an approval email if your request is approved if the time or date you request is already full we will send you another appointment time if that time does not work for your schedule just reply to email and it will directly notify us and we can change it via correspondence. Do not call the office as we are in treatment and unlikely will answer. Please be courteous to our staff. This has been a difficult time for everyone and our protocols are state mandated for not only your safety but the safety of our staff. Please leave any frustrations at the door. :) ALLOW 48 business hours for an approval email. This is a request system your appointment is not guaranteed unless it is approved. We have to approve the availability in our system so it does NOT reflect our current schedule. If the request is not available the system will generate an appointment for the next available time and send a confirmation IF YOU REQUEST A SAME DAY OR LESS THAN 24 HOUR IT WILL NOT BE APPROVED. PLEASE REQUEST 48 HOURS OUT. UPDATE JULY 8** ***IT SAYS PLEASE REQUEST 48 HOURS AND AND WAIT 2 DAYS FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION. SO THOSE OF YOU THAT REQUEST NEXT DAY (which is full) Will be given the next available appointment according to your original appointment. We received over 580 requests on July 7 most requesting July 8. We can not even treat at regular capacity and only 50% so Please read our directions to limit confusion. If your appointment was in May do not even request until Aug. BE PATIENT AND REASONABLE WITH YOUR REQUESTS. ***IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY USING THIS SYSTEM JUST EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT and we will schedule your appointment and give you our exact availability. YES IT IS THAT EASY! . WE ALSO HAVE A CANCELLATION POLICY. IF YOUR APPOINTMENT IS APPROVED AND YOU CANCEL last before 24 hours WE WILL CHARGE A $25.00 FEE TO RESCHEDULE or Void a treatment. You will also need a copy of your verified confirmation appointment email before treatment. Please email any questions to as that is our form of direct contact *NOTE if the request system if not loading correctly please make sure you are using Google Chrome or Safari as they are the only approved browsers for this system. You can also just email us and we will provide you an appointment time.

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