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Appointments are by request and a confirmation email will be sent. Same day appointments cannot be guaranteed. A credit card is required to book all appointments. Your card will not be charged until after the service or in accordance with our no show policy. We charge $50 for no show appointments.

Cave Session Halotherapy Add On
Dermaplaning Add-On
Hand Massage Add On
Ignite Eyes Add on
Peel Add On
Tub Soak Add On
Body Sculpting EmFace/EmSculpt
Consultation Body Sculpting
EmFace Pak of 5
EmSculpt Neo Pak of 5
Energy Healing
Exion Body Contouring
Consultation Exion-Body Contouring
Exion Eyes Pak of 4
Exion Large Area Pak 4
Exion Lips Pak of 4
Exion Lower Face Pak of 4
Exion Neck Pak of 4
Exion Small Area Not Otherwise Listed Pak of 4
RadioFrequency Microneedling
CO2 Lift Treatment
Ignite Eyes
Ignite Facial
Ignite Teen
Ignite Your Back
Ignite Youthful Bliss
Facial Package
Facial Package 12
Facial Package 6
Follow Up
Follow Up Fillers
Follow Up Toxins
Cave Session Pak of 12
Cave Session Pak of 6
Cave Session Private 1 5 People
Cave Session Private 6 10 People
Cave Session Public Halotherapy
Sound Healing in Cave
Consultation Toxins Fillers
Face Dermal Fillers
Lip Dermal Fillers
Vitamin B12 Injection
Laser Treatment Pak
Brazilian LHR Pak
Buttocks LHR Pak
Chest & Abdomen LHR Pak
Chest LHR Pak
Full Arm LHR Pak
Full Face LHR Pak
Half Arm LHR Pak
Half Legs LHR Pak
Laser Tattoo Removal Pak 4
LHR Abdomen Package of 6
LHR Back Package of 6
LHR Bikini Package of 6
LHR Small Area Pak
LHR Under Arms Pak
Partial Face LHR Pak
Laser Treatments
Erbium Facial
Hair removal Abdomen
Hair removal Axilla
Hair removal Bikini
Hair removal Buttocks
Hair removal Chest
Hair removal Chest and Abdoment
Hair removal Full Arms
Hair removal Full Back
Hair removal Full Brazillian
Hair removal Full Face
Hair removal Full Legs
Hair removal Half Arms
Hair removal Half Back
Hair removal Half Legs
Hair removal Male Groin
Hair removal Partial Face
Hair removal Small Area
Hollywood Carbon Facial
IPL Acne Face
IPL Age Face
IPL Chest
IPL Face and Neck
IPL Hands
IPL Hands and Forearms
IPL Neck and Chest
IPL Partial Face
IPL Photodamage
IPL Rosacia Face
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Vein Spider Angioma Removal
Bamboo Massage
Bamboo Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Himalayan Stone Massage
Himalayan Stone Massage
Pre Natal Massage
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Swedish Massage
I PEEL Acne Lift
I PEEL Lightening Lift
I PEEL Signature Lift
O2 Lift Peel
Sauna Pak of 12
Sauna Pak of 6
Sauna Treatment 30 Min
Sauna Treatment 45 min
Skin Penn Micro Needling/PRP
Skin Pen MicroNeedling
Vampire Facial
Spa Body Treatment
Cocoon Ignited for 2 Spa Body Wrap
Cocoon Ignited Spa Body Wrap
Ignite Healing for 2 Spa Body Scrub
Ignite Healing Spa Body Scrub
Ignited and Glowing for 2 Spa Body Scrub & Wrap
Ignited and Glowing Spa Body Scrup & Wrap
Spa Day Packages
Ignite Baby Prenatal
Ignite Bridal Bubbly
Ignite Groom
Virtual Consultations
Consultation Weight Management Virtual
Virtual Weight Management Follow Up
Weight Loss Management
Consultation Weight Mgmt Semaglutide
Consultation Weight Mgmt Tirzepatide
Weight Management Follow Up
Immunity Boost Tri-Immune
Well Visit
Wellness Package
Ignite Retreat
Ignite Wellness 1
Ignite Wellness 2
Vitamin B12 Injection Pak of 4
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