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Body Contouring
EMFace (Face and Submental Pkg 4)
EMFace Pkg 4
EMFace Submental (Pkg 4)
Emsculpt Neo - Abdomen (Pkg of 4)
Emsculpt Neo - Arms (Pkg of 4)
Emsculpt Neo - Buttocks (Pkg of 4)
Emsculpt Neo - Flanks (Pkg of 4)
Emsculpt Neo - Flanks (Pkg of 6)
Emsculpt Neo - Maintenance Tx
Emsculpt Neo - Thighs (Pkg of 4)
Clinical Skin Care
Clinical Facial (60)
Dermaplane Facial
Dermaplane Facial (Pkg of 3)
Fire & Ice Facial (Pkg of 3)
First Time Facial
Hydrafacial - Luxe
Hydrafacial - Luxe (Pkg of 3)
Hydrafacial - Platinum
Hydrafacial - Platinum (Pkg of 3)
Hydrafacial - Signature
Hydrafacial - Signature (Pkg of 3)
Hydrafacial Eye Perk
Hydrafacial Lip Perk
Hydrafacial Neck and Dec Add On
Illuminize Peel
Illuminize Peel (Pkg of 3)
Rejuvenize Peel
Rejuvenize Peel (Pkg of 3)
Service Upgrade - Dermaplane
Service Upgrade - LED
Shimmer Clinical Facial (60)
Shimmer Dermaplane Upgrade
Shimmer Hydrafacial Luxe
Shimmer Hydrafacial Signature
Shimmer Illuminize Peel
Shine Fire & Ice
Shine HF Luxe
Shine Lymphatic HF
Sparkle Dermaplane Upgrade
Sparkle LED (30) Upgrade
Teen Facial ( 14+)
Vitalize Peel
Vitalize Peel (Pkg of 3)
Consultation - Current Client
Consultation - New Client
Lip Filler
Lip Flip
IV - Vitamin Therapy
IV Therapy - B Lean
IV Therapy - Get up and Go
IV Therapy - Immunity
IV Therapy - Quench
IV Therapy Meyer's Coctail
Skinny shot
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair (BBL) - Large (6)
Laser Hair (BBL) - Medium (6)
Laser Hair (BBL) - Small (6)
Laser Hair (BBL) - X-Large (6)
Laser Hair (BBL) Back Patch (6)
Laser Hair (BBL) Bikini 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Brazilian 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Chin 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Fingers /Toes 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Full Arm 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Full Back 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Full Leg 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Half Arm 6
Laser Hair (BBL) lower back 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Men's Beard 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Men's Beard Line 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Men's Chest 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Mens Shoulders 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Navel 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Neck Back 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Neck Front 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Neck front and back 6
Laser Hair (BBL) Touch Up Large
Laser Hair (BBL) Touch Up Mediu,
Laser Hair (BBL) Touch Up Small
Laser Hair (BBL) Touch Up Xtra Lg
PDO Threads
Eye lift
Lower face threads
Mid face threads
Upper lip threads
PRP - Face
PRP - Face (Pkg of 3)
PRP - Hair Rejuvenation (Pkg of 3)
Skin Rejuvenation
BBL Full Arms and Hands
BBL Photofacial - Decolletage
BBL Photofacial - Decolletage (Pkg of 3)
BBL Photofacial - Decolletage (Pkg of 5)
BBL Photofacial - Face
BBL Photofacial - Face (Pkg of 3)
BBL Photofacial - Neck
BBL Photofacial - Neck (Pkg of 3)
BBL Photofacial - Neck (Pkg of 5)
BBL Photofacial - Spot Treatment (1-2)
BBL Photofacial Arms and Hands (pkg of 3
BBL Photofacial Full Arms
Halo - Chest
Halo - Face
Halo - Neck
Microneedling - Face
Microneedling - Face (Pkg of 3)
Plexr Cat - Body
Plexr Cat - Decollette
Plexr Cat - Full Face
Plexr Cat - Half Face
Plexr Cat - Neck
Plexr Cat - Scalp
Plexr Shower - Acne Prone Skin
Plexr Shower - Crows Feet
Plexr Shower - Dark Circles
Plexr Shower - Decolette rejuvenation
Plexr Shower - Eye Rejuvenation
Plexr Shower - Glass Lift
Plexr Shower - Glass lift (Pkg of 3)
Plexr Shower - Hair Rejuvenation
Plexr Shower - Hand Rejuvenation
Plexr Shower - Lip Rejuvenation
Plexr Shower - Red Carpet Boost
Plexr Shower - Rockstar
Plexr Shower - Rockstar (pkg of 3)
Plexr Shower - Skin Discoloration
Plexr Shower - Skin Sagging
Plexr Shower - Stretch mark prevention
Plexr Shower - Sun-Damage
Plexr Shower Peeling
Plexr Soft Surgery - Acne Scars Face
Plexr Soft Surgery - Active Acne
Plexr Soft Surgery - Blepharoplasty upper eyelid
Plexr Soft Surgery - Facial Scars Small
Plexr Soft Surgery - Full Face
Plexr Soft Surgery - Fungal Nail
Plexr Soft Surgery - Lower eye
Plexr Soft Surgery - Neck Lift
Plexr Soft Surgery - Nose Contouring
Plexr Soft Surgery - Pigmentation
Plexr Soft Surgery - Psoriasis
Plexr Soft Surgery - Scar Mgt Body
Plexr Soft Surgery Skin Lesion
Renveau Add on
RF - Legs package of 3
RF - Stretch Marks package of 3
RF Acne
RF Stretch Marks
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