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BABY FACE Treatment
BABY FACE Treatment
CoolJet Procedures
Cool JET Facial Single Session
PRP Lips
Hydra Needle Treatment
Hydra Needle Treatment with Botox. PRP and HCA
IM Injections
Amino Blend Injection
Glutathione Injections 200mg
L Proline Injection
Mineral Blend Injection
Pyroxidine IM or IV add on
Tri Immune Boost Injection
Vita Complex Injection
Vitamin D3- IM injection only
IV therapy
Amino Blend 1000 cc
Arginine add on
IV Amino Blend 500 cc solution
IV hydration-Get up and Go
IV Infusion -Soothe
IV infusion Gluathione 500mg
IV Infusion- Biotin add on
IV infusion- Calcium Chloride add on
IV Infusion- Defense Immunity
IV Infusion- Glow up inner beauty
IV infusion- Glutathione Mini Bag 500mg
IV infusion- High dose Vitamin C add on
IV infusion- Magnesium Chloride add on
IV Infusion- Mind Spark
IV Infusion- N Acetyl Cysteine add on
IV Infusion- Restart hangover relief
IV infusion- Rise and Shine- Athletes
IV infusion- Slim and Trim
IV Infusion-Alpha Lipoic Acid add on
IV infusion-Bounce Back and Thrive
IV Infusion-Dexpantherol add on
IV infusion-Glow UP Inner beauty
IV Infusion-SIP/Hydrate
IV infusion-Soothe
IV Mineral Blend 500 cc solution
IV Tri Immune Boost 500 cc solution
IV Vita Complex 500cc solution
L Arginine Vitamin add on
L Glutamine Vitamin add on
Mineral Blend
Myers Cocktail
NAD + 250mg
NAD 250 mg x4 Package
Olympia Vita-complex
Ondansetron Nausea relief IM and IV
Tri-Immune Boost
Vita Complex
Zinc Sulfate Add on IV only
NAD 25mg injection
NAD Injection 25mg
NAD 50mg injection
NAD Injection 50mg
O shot
O shot
P shot
Priapus shot
Priapus shot with 100 units of BOTOX
P Shot with 50 unit Botox
Priapus shot
Baby Plasma
Baby Plasma
Cool JET Facial 3 sessions
Cool JET Facial 5 sessions
Cool JET Facial 8 sessions
Microneedling 3 sessions
Semiglutide 0.25mg weekly payment
Semiglutide 0.5mg weekly payment
Semiglutide 1.0mg weekly payment
Semiglutide 1.75mg weekly payment
Tirzepatide 10 mg Monthly Payment
Tirzepatide 10 mg weekly payment
Tirzepatide 12.5 mg Monthly payment
Tirzepatide 12.5 mg weekly payment
Tirzepatide 15 mg Monthly Payment
Tirzepatide 15 mg weekly payment
Tirzepatide 2.5mg Monthly Payment
Tirzepatide 2.5mg weekly payment
PDO Threads
Plasma Pen Procedures
Plasma Pen Cheeks
Plasma pen chin augmentation labiomental crease
Plasma Pen Crows Feet
Plasma Pen Decolletage/breast/pec/infrascapular
Plasma Pen Dragon Lift browplasty
Plasma Pen Ear lobes/auricular region
Plasma Pen Forehead lift/softening/worry lines
Plasma pen Full Facelift nonsurgical
Plasma Pen Glabella complex
Plasma Pen Hollow Bunny Lines
Plasma Pen Hollow Temples
Plasma Pen Hyper-Pigmentation correction
Plasma Pen Infraorbital areas
Plasma Pen Legs/knee tightening
Plasma pen lipflip/perioral augmentation
Plasma Pen Lipstick lines, smokers lines perioral
Plasma Pen Lower eyelid blepharoplasty
Plasma pen lower facelift nonsurgical
Plasma pen mid facelift nonsurgical
Plasma pen Mini facelift nonsurgical
Plasma Pen mole removal skin tag removal
Plasma Pen Nasolabial Folds
Plasma Pen Neck Lift
Plasma Pen Nonsurgical brachioplasty/hands, arms
Plasma Pen Nose resurfacing
Plasma Pen Oral commissures/Mouth Corners
Plasma Pen Scar revision and Resurfacing
Plasma pen smile lines, accordian/marionette
Plasma Pen Stomach/abdominal area
Plasma Pen Stretch Marks/ Striae
Plasma Pen Tear Troughs
Plasma Pen Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
Plasma Pen Upper eyelid blepharoplasty
Plasma PenBack/dorsal areas
Plasma Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Peel
PRP Tear Trough
PRP Tear Trough
Vampire Breast Lift
Vampire Breast Lift
Vampire Facelift
Vampire Facelift
Vampire Facial
Vampire Facial
Vampire Hair
Vampire Hair includes 3 sessions
Vampire Wing Lift with Oshot
Vampire Wing Lift add on with O shot
Vampire Wing Lift without O shot
Vampire Wing Lift without O shot
Vein care
Sclerotherapy Spider Vein
Vitamin Bundles
Vitamin Bundles of 3
Vitamin Bundles of 4
Vitamin Injection
B12 Injections- cyanobalamin
B12 Injections- hydroxocobalamin
B12 Injections- methylcobalamin
Weight loss Injections
L Carnitine Injection
Lipo Mino & L Carnitine- Skinny Shot
Lipo stat PLUS
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