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Add on service
CO2 Lift Pro Add on Treatment
Pre-appointment numbing
Aqua Gold
AquaGold consult
AquaGold décolleté(add on)
AquaGold Facial/Needling
AquaGold neck (add on)
Facial AquaGold
Clarity II Hair Removal
Consult Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Abdomen (F)
Laser Hair Removal Abdomen (M)
Laser Hair Removal Abdomen Line (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Arm (Full)(F)
Laser Hair Removal Arm (Full)(M)
Laser Hair Removal Arm (Lower)(F)
Laser Hair Removal Arm (Lower)(M)
Laser Hair Removal Back (Full)(F)
Laser Hair Removal Back(Full) (M)
Laser Hair Removal Back(Upper/Lower)(F)
Laser Hair Removal Back(Upper/Lower)(M)
Laser Hair removal Bikini (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Brazilian(M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Breast(peri-areol(MF)
Laser Hair Removal Buttocks (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Cheeks (F)
Laser Hair Removal Cheeks (M)
Laser Hair Removal Chest (F)
Laser Hair Removal Chest (M)
Laser Hair Removal Chin (F)
Laser Hair Removal Chin (M)
Laser Hair Removal Feet (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Full Face (F)
Laser Hair Removal Full Face (M)
Laser Hair Removal Full Legs (F)
Laser Hair Removal Full Legs (M)
Laser Hair Removal Lower Legs (F)
Laser Hair Removal Lower Legs (M)
Laser Hair Removal Neck (front) (F)
Laser Hair Removal Neck(back) (F)
Laser Hair Removal Neck(Back) (M)
Laser Hair Removal Neck(front & back)(F)
Laser Hair Removal Neck(front & back)(M)
Laser Hair Removal Sideburns (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Thighs (F)
Laser Hair Removal Thighs (M)
Laser Hair Removal Toes (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Underarms (M/F)
Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip (F)
Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip (M)
Clarity II Therapy
Clarity II Photo-Rejuv (Chest area)
Clarity II Photo-Rejuv (Face)
Clarity II Photo-Rejuv (Neck)
Clarity II Photo-Rejuv Consult
Clarity II Photo-Rejuv(Hands/small area)
Clarity II Spider vein (0-15
Clarity II Spider vein (15-30 min)
Clarity II Spider vein (30-45 mins)
Clarity II Spider vein Follow -up
Consult Clarity II spider vein
Consult Clartiy II photo-Rejuv
Laser Hair Removal Full Head
Dermal Fillers
8 Point Lift - Dermal Fillers
Consult Dermal Fillers
Dermal Filler Follow up
Dermal Fillers
Filler Eye Troughs (1 syringe)
Filler Radiesse (1 Syringe)
Filler Restylane Contour (1 syringe)
Filler Restylane Kysse (1 Syringe)
Filler Restylane Lyft (1 Syringe)
Filler RHA 3
Filler RHA 4
Filler RHA Redensity
Filler Versa (1 syringe)
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
Juvederm Ultra XC (1 Syringe)
Juvederm Volbella XC
Juvederm Vollure XC
Juvederm Voluma XC (1 Syringe)
Juvederm Volux XC
Lip Filler
Sculptra (single vial)
Skinvive (2 syringes)
ECO Laser Treatment
eC02 Large area
eC02 Medium area
eCO Tone - Face
eCO Tone - Face/neck
eCO Tone Decollete add on
eCO Tone Hands
eCO2 Decollete - add on
eCO2 Face - Aggressive
eCO2 Face - Mild
eCO2 Face - Moderate
eCO2 Face/neck - Moderate
Eco2 Follow up
EMsculpt NEO
Consult EMSculpt NEO
EMSculpt NEO Abdomen
EMSculpt NEO Biceps/Triceps
EMSculpt NEO Calf
EMSculpt Neo Follow up
EMSculpt NEO Glutes
EMSculpt NEO Lateral Abdomen
EMSculpt NEO Thigh (1 area)
Add-on BR Facial PLATYSMA Mask
Add-on Dermaplaning
Add-on Feet Treat Foot peel
Add-on LED red/blue Light Therapy
Add-on Salt Exfoliation
Add-on Ultrasound-face/neck/decollete
BR Express Facial
BR Facial 60 min (1 Booster)
BR Facial 90 min (2 Booster)
BR Seconde Peau Treatment 60 min
BR Skin Instant Lab Analysis
Consult Facial
Dermaplaning - Stand alone
Environ Express Facial
Facial BR 60 (1 Booster)
Facial BR 90 (2 Boosters)
Facial BR Seconde Peau Treatment 60 min
Facial Cure Glowing 90
Facial Environ 60
Facial Environ 90
Facial GlycoAla
Facial PCA 60
Facial PCA Oxygenating Trio
Facial PCA w/Peel
PCA Express Facial
PCA Facial 60 Mins
PCA Facial Oxygenating Trio
PCA Facial w/Peel
PCA Feet Treat Foot Peel - Stand alone
PCA NoPeel Peel
PCA Peel
PCA Peel 4% Pure Retinol
PCA Peel 6% Pure Retinol
Consult Genius
Genius - Follow up
Genius AL
Genius AM
Genius Arm (Bilateral)
Genius AS
Genius AXS
Genius Buttocks
Genius Decollete
Genius Eyes
Genius Face/Neck/Decollete
Genius Knee (Bilateral)
Genius Mid/Lower Face/Neck
Genius Neck
Genius Thigh (Bilateral)
Genius/Ultra Cure Skin Solu (Face Only)
Genuis Face
Genuis Mid/Lower Face
Hormone Therapy
Hormone Therapy (6 month Treatment)
Hormone Therapy Consult
Consult Hydrafacial
Hydrafacial (add on) Arms
Hydrafacial (add on) Dermaplaning
Hydrafacial (add on) Lips
Hydrafacial (add on) Neck & Decollete
Hydrafacial Back Clarifying
Hydrafacial Back signature
Hydrafacial Deluxe
Hydrafacial Deluxe (4 Tx)( 5%)
Hydrafacial Deluxe (12 Tx)(20%)
Hydrafacial Deluxe (6 Tx)(10%)
Hydrafacial LED (RED & BLUE)
Hydrafacial LED (RED)
Hydrafacial Platinum
Hydrafacial Platinum (12 Tx)(20%)
Hydrafacial Platinum (4 Tx)( 5%)
Hydrafacial Platinum (6 Tx)(10%)
Hydrafacial Signature
Hydrafacial Signature (4 Tx)(5%)
Infrared Sauna
Sauna 1 Session (15 min)
Sauna 1 Session (30 min)
Sauna 1 Session (30 min) Group
Sauna 1 Session (45 min)
Sauna 1 Session (45min) Group
Sauna 3 Session (prepaid) (45 min each)
Sauna 5 Session (prepaid) (45 min each
B-12 Injection
B-12 Injection (4 Series) 10% off
B-12 Injection (8 Series) 15% off
Glutathione Injection (4 series) 10% off
Hylenex Injection
Kenalog injection
IV Therapy
Consult IV Therapy
IV only saline (no vitamin)
IV Therapy Cure Beauty Fix
IV Therapy Cure Fit Fix
IV Therapy Cure Immunity Fix
IV Therapy Cure Party Fix
IV Therapy Cure Quench
IV Therapy Cure Slim Fix
IV Therapy Her Cure
IV Therapy Myer's Cocktail
Kybella Consult
Kybella Neck/Chin
Lash & Brow Services
Brow Lamination
Brow Lamination w/Tint
Lash Lift & Tint
Lash Tint
Massage Therapy
Massage Deep Tissue 60 min
Medical Weight Loss
Medical Weight Loss 12 months
Medical Weight Loss 6 months
Medical Weight Loss Consult
Medical Weight Loss Follow up
Medical Weight Loss Virtual Visit
Microneedling Consult
Microneedling Face
Microneedling Face & Neck
Microneedling Face, Neck & Decollete
Microneedling Face,Neck&Dec(Series 3)20%
Microneedling Follow up
microneedling Hand
Microneedling neck
Miracu Threads
Miracu Abdomen (Full)
Miracu Abdomen (per region)
Miracu Cheeks
Miracu Consult
Miracu Eyes
Miracu Follow up
Miracu Forehead/Brow
Miracu Full Face
Miracu Jawline
Miracu Lips
Miracu Neck
Miracu Smooths(per region)
Consult Neurotoxin
Neurotoxin Botox
Neurotoxin Daxxify
Neurotoxin Dysport
Neurotoxin Follow Up
Neurotoxin Xeomin
Poly LED Light
Poly LED Light Red
PRP Consult
PRP Eye Troughs
PRP Follow up
PRP Hair Restoration
PRP Hair Restoration (3 series)
PRP Legs
PRP Vampire Breast lift
PRP Vampire Consult
PRP Vampire facial
PRP Vampire facial w/neck
PRP Vampire Follow up
PRP Vampire lift w/ filler (1 syringe)
PRP Vampire Lift w/o Filler PRP only
PRP Vampire Treatment Knee area
S.A.L.T. Therapy
S.A.L.T Consult Therapy
S.A.L.T Therapy 10 Mins
S.A.L.T Therapy 15 Mins
S.A.L.T Therapy 30 min (Private)
S.A.L.T Therapy 40 Mins
Special S.A.L.T Therapy 6 session/30Mins
Special S.A.L.T Therapy 6 session15 Mins
SaltMED Back
SaltMED Consult
SaltMED Face w/Neck & chest
SaltMED Facial
SaltMED Hand
Sexual Health
P-Shot #2 (within 1yr from 1st shot)
P-Shot #3 (within 1yr from 2nd shot)
Sexual Health
Sexual Health Consult
Sexual Health O-Shot
Sexual Health P-Shot
Special Promo
Daxxify Full Face Special $699
eCO2 Face - Aggressive
eCO2 Face - Mild
eCO2 Face/neck - Mild
Ultherapy Full Face Special
Ultherapy Lower Face Special
Ultherapy Neck Special
Ulthera Brow
Ulthera Consult
Ulthera Decollete
Ulthera Follow up
Ulthera Follow up
Ulthera Full Face
Ulthera Lower Face
Ulthera Neck
Ulthera Neck & Decollete
Ulthera Peri-Oral
Ulthera under eye
Ulthera Upper face ( 3 areas)
Ultra LaseMD
Consult Ultra LaseMD
Ultra LaseMD
Ultra LaseMD Full face
Ultra LaseMD Full face/Neck
Ultra LaseMD Full face/Neck/Decollete
Ultra LaseMD Hand (Add on Includes both)
Ultra LaseMD Hand(Both)
Ultra LaseMD Spot treatment (bruise)
Ultra LaseMD Upper back
Ultra/Genius Cure Skin Solution (Face Only)
Virtual Consult
Virtual Visit
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